From Gus sinnot
Safisha Africa is a Wonderful Organization “I stayed with Alice and her family for three months in 2015 and I couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable place to work than Safisha Africa school.Alice is an extremely loving person who is very dedicated to the children and the community . I was constantly humbled by her selflessness and care, and would encourage anyone to volunteer with  the school and support  the children. Safisha Africa is a small, grassroots organization that works face-to-face with those in need. There is no profit being made, all funds and efforts are put directly to service the children in need.You can be assured that your time is truly making an impact where it is needed. I hope to return soon and visit the amazing people of Safisha Africa! “

From Lucy castella
Best experience of my life!
“I went to Kenya last year alone for one month as I was 19 years old to volunteer and give skills at Safisha Africa School . It was an amazing experience and I feel like I learned a lot about the children,culture and the world. Alice and the organization  are lovely  supporting the community and always caring very well for the volunteers and guests.You will always feel welcome and comfortable in a different Country as if you are home. I feel like I’m part of their family now.
The kids at school are really cute. It feels good to see them dancing around and to help them to learn how to write properly.I’m going back this summer!! I would be pleased to explain more about my trip if you want to do the same just let me know.

Written by Jan Bily

I have been volunteering through East Africa for 4 months now and Alice was probably the best  teacher and host I have met . Always smiling and in a good mood- thats Alice. Delicious  lessons,food every day, nice accommodation close to supermarket and pub, hot shower and flushing toilet. Kids at school are just lovely. I felt very welcomed and at home and it was my pleasure to stay with Alice.

From Matilda Anderson-Denmark
A wonderful experience “Volunteering at Safisha Africa School has been an amazing experience. I volunteered at safisha two months . Alice is a smart teacher and manager, hardworking woman who takes very well care of all her volunteers,the children and leave alone thecommunity . Alice’s house is completely safe, close to the mall and public transport. I am a vegetarian, but Alice was so nice to make sure that there was something I could eat. When I was sick she was very caring. I think there is no better way to experience the Kenyan culture than to volunteer and  live with a family like Alice’s – we were invited to her grandson’s baptism and to come and see Alice preach. If you want  you can make lots of new friends in the house.The most amazing part about the experience was of course the children. They have so much energy and they really want to learn. Personally I wouldn’t stay for less than one month as you want to get to know the children well. In the beginning I assisted a Kenyan teacher. Later I started to teach a class myself and to take a child out for private lessons.

Justin Bryant
from Australia
I passed by Alice’s  teaching in a a school project and witnessed her compassion eye on the poor everyday.I look forward to come back and see the fruits of my labour.

Duke mbugwa-A parent from Safisha Africa School
I cannot forget the passionate and unchanging love Alice showed to my family at the time  we needed it the most.Iam a disabled parent who had an accident  where I lost my leg and my arm so much disabled that  I cannot be employed anywhere now to  work to provide for my family needs.We heard about SAWF from a parent who has children at the Safisha and decided to try our lack.Amazingly Alice received us well  and my two children Regina and Gloria are at Safisha School.The school which takes the less fortunate from the community does well and my two children know how to read and write.My desire is that the organization  continues to prospers to support the children who have been enrolled  at the school