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Angels *do* walk among us because Alice is one of them. I have never met anyone like her. She is a champion for the poor; a champion of human dignity; and a role model for her the community, Nairobi,Kenya our one-world, one-love global community and for me. My flight arrived in the very early morning hours yet there she was holding a little sign waiting to collect me. An insanely amazing cook, kept me too well fed! Took me sightseeing downtown Nairobi and let me join her at the  school Safisha, meeting the mothers and their really cute, super polite, super appreciative children. Then off for safari on the Serengeti at Masai Mara! We had a blast! Lions, cheetahs, giraffes, wildebeest, zebras, water buffalos, all grades of antelopes, hippos, elephants, ostriches, baboons, monkeys, jackals, and one monstrously large crocodile! Met ridiculously cool fellow travelers, also  volunteers course! If you are lucky enough to volunteer /travel and stay  with Alice, you will be in for an out-of-the-ordinary .