Thanks for your interest in the Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation Internships available in  Mowlem settlement ,Nairobi, Kenya. The organization supports and covers for  the children who cannot go to school nor be able to pay for fees in any private school in Kenya. Most of the kids have single mothers or no mother .Those with single mothers find it hard to attend any academy that is profit making so they  stay at home or go to the streets. Due to the huge social problems facing the unemployed single mother we look forward to help the women plus the children change their destiny.

Safisha is looking for inters who can offer the following;-

Social media  marketing,Sociol enterprise,Learning and Development,Sustainable development

Curriculum development,Life Skills ,Business Management,Financial management, Digital marketing

Games and sports.

Main activities to the children

Offering guidance and counselling to the children

Tutoring on one to one method

Use of art and craft as a way of counseling

Curriculum development

Games and sports

Main Actvities to women

  1. Creat a curriculum on entrepreneurial and basic financial classes
  2. Research on potential business ventures for the women /ladies
  3. Manage and post on the organizations social media
  4. Proposal writing, article writing blogging and viogging
  5. Fundraisings to support the program