Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation works in Mowlem Settlement Scheme ,Nairobi,Kenya assisting more than 300 vulnerable children from very needy families to get education  from poor families which leaves the children abandoned,raped,violated  and abused .

Due to the rising poverty levels  many families are facing financial crisis to an extend of  being unable to educate their own children nor pay rent where they stay leaving their children on the streets ..
Safisha  is a community -led innovator with over 13 years experience implementing holistic programs in Mowlem  settlement Urban slum  ,Nairobi,Kenya.The Foundation works by placing communities at the forefront of the design,implementing and evaluating solution in response to education programs,talents,skills, illetracy,innovations,building capacity for a strong foundation to tackle the issues from poor families aiming at eradicating  poverty.

The organization recruits volunteers from  all over the world with skills and professionalism  helping the organization with  a registered  school  and 10 employees follow human centered design and participatory approaches in the community.We source, measure and share bottom -up innovations that yield lasting change ,reinforcing the value  

Not only are we impacting the communities we serve ,we are transforming lives and systems.Our education programs are delivered  by 10 government owned and operated schools.The training systems for teachers,capacity building for the communities and schools is an intergrated part of the Countries education system -delivering services and collecting data in partnership with local government.Innovations are affordable,accessible and equitable for the target populations in need.

With the school run and managed by Alice Muhonja  poor families receive direct support in education and welfare to develop them to be better persons leaving a mark in the lives of families and transforming the backgrounds they have been raised in. There is nothing one can do to a child who has been born from a poor family or background but there is so much one can do to transform the destiny of that poor child . Children do not choose where they are born; they find themselves in certain families, environments and backgrounds but you and I can choose what they can be .Read more on how you can transform the destiny of a child download a volunteer application form or donate  by clicking a donate button.

For groups,individuals and families interested in volunteering fill the form to be  able to volunteer or do the internship.