I am Alice Muhonja  the founder and Executive Director of Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation (SAWF) a nonprofit nongovernmental organization registered in 2010 with mandate to; enable poor children access quality education, provide educational materials, provide educational facilities, offer feeding programs, advocate for the enrollment of a poor child in school   as a right to education .Safisha Targets to support every vulnerable and forgotten child  realize his or her dream through education.Our focus areas are slums and settlements communities where the families and guardians live either under one dollar a day or without access to any dollar at all per day. The Foundation  aspires to establish more schools  as Safisha Africa Schools and  manage them through offering quality education to the underpreviledged  children in most needy areas of Kenya.Our work which started in 2008 is spreading and making impact where it is needed in the settlement area where our base is that serves  five big slum areas in Nairobi, Kenya. The most disadvantaged families are the single mothers, widows, casual workers and those depending on a one day time life casual work which does not come their way. Single mothers and other families that lack the capacity to provide finances to educate and cater for their children end up being vulnerable to prostitution, drug addiction and other related crimes offences.The children of such families are left hurting and neglected with difficulties in acquiring the best education that is affordable.The foundation therefore aims at enganging every child from every vulnerable community to have a full life through education without discrimination of gender,race,and tribe.Our vision is to reduce the illiteracy and poverty in the communities that have high rate of poverty so as to have enlighted and better citizens.From the time we started the charity we have been able to assist more than 500 children get affordable education .

  In 2008 after a post election violence we started a feeding program with children who were  hawking in the area we operate ; which is currently a project of the foundation that assist the community. We start with ECD(early childhood Development) to children of grade 1-8  give a child a strong foundation and future; building their esteem,socially,psychologically and emotionally  in Mowlem settlement scheme  .Mowlem is a settlement scheme with indicators of rural inhabitants moving to town in search of  jobs which never come their way.

SAWF has rented a premise which is paid monthly .The organization recruits volunteers from Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, Finland, Denmark, U.K, U.S.A, Sweden,Austria,France,Iceland, and other countries. At the same time we have travelers, interns, researchers and tourists who visit and have a home stay. Such an exposure is received well by the organization and it leaves better memories. Watch out what the volunteers  say on  reviews.
The word Safisha is a local Swahili word meaning ‘clean’. Safisha targets to empower the poor families through education and welfare to develop them to be better persons leaving a mark in the lives of families and transforming the backgrounds they have been raised in. There is nothing one can do to a child who has been born from a poor family or background but there is so much one can do to transform the destiny of that poor child .Read more on how you can transform the destiny of a child on sponsorship, what we do on volunteers’ page. Children do not choose where they are born; they find themselves in certain families, environments and backgrounds but you and I can choose what they can be
in future.

We have been able to collaborate with Access Afya,Kenya,received a one time support from Hope of the world USA.

Fill our form to be  able to volunteer or do the internship.We encourage from one volunteer to group volunteers is you are a group you have a special price.Talk to Alice and she will attend to you .